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What do NZ recruiters expect to see in a 2023 style CV?

Few CV’s meet current NZ recruiter guidelines. The majority of CV's are sadly lacking in professionalism and adherence to the current requirements. So, having a CV that ticks off most of the boxes to satisfy the recruiter will mean a much greater chance of getting an interview.

Many people inadvertently eliminate themselves from contention from a new role because their CV simply does not sell themselves in the way a CV should in 2023.

Far too many CVs exceed the generally accepted guideline of 3 pages. And most CVs are plain MS Word documents that just do not give off a professional first impression. Many candidates also sell themselves far too short and do not sufficiently emphasise their skills. Showing the recruiter, in very strong terms, how suitable you are for the role is vital but often neglected.

Try to keep your CV to 3 pages and if you can clearly show everything on 2 pages that is even better. Highlight your skills and achievements and show all content with easy to read one-line bullet points. If any information is not vital to get you the next job you should not bother including. This I especially so with the skills you show and things such as volunteer work, interests and older qualifications.

Work information is best shown through 4-6 one-line bullet points per role detailing tasks and 1-3 key achievements per role is also very helpful. You should focus on professionalism and making the first impression very favourable.

Remember, for any roles, there will be hundreds of applications, so you need to stand out or you simply will get lost in the big pile of CVs that the recruiters will receive. If you do not stand out then the odds of progressing to interview stage will be unlikely. Take your time to get it right and to have each section clear, concise and relevant to the role you are seeking.