CV Writing Service

Our Auckland CV Writers will update your CV to meet all local recruitment expectations. Yes, open today.

Our Auckland (born and bred) CV writer who has significant NZ recruitment industry experience will professionally review, update and prepare your new CV.

CV’s that we prepare have a very high rate of successfully gaining job interviews. We offer low cost, fixed, fees so there are no surprises for you. When preparing your new CV, we will ensure;

  • The absolutely vital first impression is excellent, the CV will be highly professional, easy to read and be the expected size (maximum 3 pages, ideally closer to 2)
  • A concise career summary is shown (where appropriate) and any profile / personal statement is reviewed
  • Your skills are tailored specifically to the type of role sought and shown concisely in 6-10 short sharp one-line bullet points
  • The work experience is clear and to the point within the generally accepted guideline of only 4-6 tasks and 1-3 achievements per role with an emphasis on the last 15 years (older roles are now expected to be summarised or shown in another appropriate manner)
  • Only the relevant education and qualifications are shown, any content now not relevant in 2021 will be removed

Option 1 - New CV, 1x Tailor-made Cover Letter - $109

  • We will expertly craft your CV so it is 100% suitable for the role types you have in mind (vital for a CV in 2021)
  • 1 tailor made cover letter (written specifically to a job ad you provide)

Option 2 – Brand new CV only - $69

  • We will expertly craft your CV so it is 100% suitable for the role types you have in mind (vital for a CV in 2021)

Option 3 – Super Package - $140

  • As per Option 1 (CV and tailored letter) but also with a multi-use cover letter
  • Plus, an update to your CV after starting your new job so CV up to date again
Recent unsolicited feedback following the customer receiving their new CV and/or Cover Letter

On receipt of your enquiry we will ask for your CV and fully detail the process to update and pay.

I am interested in the following option;

In very rare instances, we may not be able to honour these prices after viewing your CV. We would advise on receipt of your CV.