CV Writing Service

Should I use a CV writing service in NZ?

Utilising the services of an expert New Zealand CV writer to help prepare your CV is considered money very spent. People are often searching for jobs with high stakes but they are using an outdated, modest CV that may not be doing them justice. This is extremely common.

We regularly hear customers say that the money spend on their CV was very worthwhile. Spending a modest amount so you significantly enhance your job interview prospects is something all job hunters should be considering. Why not jump straight to the top of the pile of applications with a professional, expertly written, CV designed exactly for the role sought.

We are always pleased to receive feedback from our customers to say they felt the main reason they got an interview was their new CV and letter.

Our New Zealand CV writing service will ensure that a highly experienced, and specialist, career industry person will help you with your new CV. Our CV writers are committed to working in your best interests to help you obtain a job interview, this is actually the sole purpose of a new CV.

Our CV writers tend to come from a background in recruitment or as a hiring manager involved in high volume, or specialist, recruiting. They know what the CV should be like because they have worked on that side of recruitment as the ones making the decisions. So, these CV writers are best placed to understand from the hiring managers view point what makes an ideal CV.

Your CV should be a factual account of your work experience, skills, qualifications and achievements. There is also something of an art to the way a CV is written to make sure all points are highlight appropriately. A CV writing professional will know the best way to detail certain information or downplay other content. Our CV writers have that great skill of being able to write the CV in such a way that recruiters will be more likely to be quickly attracted to what they are reading because it is written as they would write it themselves.

In NZ the number of actual expert CV writers is limited. You have to ignore the people who claim to be CV writers but they are really just typists who add your words in their template or overseas based people. These services are worthless.

Our New Zealand CV writers will bring a level of recruitment knowledge that most job seekers cannot expect to have. It makes a lot of sense that if a CV writing professional is providing this type of service every day that they are always going to be more up to date with the latest trends and recruiter expectations than you can be.

The current, highly specific, expectations that NZ recruiters have in a CV are significant. Our CV writers will understand how best to show your background and skills in the way to best help you. A professional from CV Experts NZ will make sure your CV stands out over the rest of the job applicants.

With the use of a professional CV writer your CV will likely go straight to the top of the pile and hugely improve your job hunting prospects.