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How important is a cover letter is the job application process?

Most people feel the CV is the main part of any job application but the reality is the cover letter is equally important and, in some respects, maybe it is even more important given it will probably be read first.

The best job applications have a CV and cover letter that have been tailored specifically for that role. They are separate documents but they each have their own responsibility and when read together should form a very strong application.

The CV is the brief, factual, record of your work history, skills, achievements and education. For most people we recommend just the one CV to exist, not half a dozen different versions for a range of potential role types.

The cover letter is the document designed to explain the exact reasons why you are suitable for the role. The purpose of the letter is to specifically address the reasons you meet the person specifications of the job advertisement. So, if the advertisement calls for 10+ years’ experience in xxxxx than your letter must detail that, if it calls for a certain qualification then that would also be shown. So, the letter mirrors what is being called for in the job advertisement.

Never use a cover letter that is just one version that you use for every application. Take the time to tailor it to the role and the odds of getting an interview are increased significantly.

At the standard cover letter fee, for a tailored letter is $40 and the fee of the complete CV rewrite is $89. The two should always be prepared to complement the other and time should be taken to get it just right before you send away with your job application.