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How do I write about my key achievements in my CV?

Before you commence writing your CV, take some time to consider your career to date and identify any important achievements. These can be things like projects you led, sales targets you exceeded, awards you won, or other accomplishments that you're proud of. Choose the achievements that are most relevant to the job you're applying for.

Use bullet points: As you detail your achievements in the CV, use bullet points instead of long paragraphs. This will make your CV easier to read and help your achievements stand out. Aim for 1 or 2 achievements per role and keep the information to just two lines wherever possible.

Use action verbs: Start each bullet point with an action verb that demonstrates your achievement. For example, use words like "led," "developed," "implemented," "achieved," "delivered," or "optimised." Action verbs are more powerful than passive phrases like "was responsible for" or "contributed to."

Quantify your achievements: Whenever possible, use numbers, percentages, or other metrics to quantify your achievements. This will make them more tangible and impressive. For example, instead of saying "I increased sales," say "Increased sales by 75% in 12 months." Instead of saying "I improved customer satisfaction," say "Improved customer satisfaction ratings by 50% in one year."

It will be very helpful if you can use the STAR method: STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result. Start by describing the situation or problem you faced (S), then describe the task or objective you were given (T). Next, describe the action you took to achieve the task or objective (A), and finally, describe the result or outcome of your actions (R). Using the STAR method will make your achievements more compelling and show how you have made a positive impact.

Be specific: Use specific examples to highlight any key achievements. So, instead of saying "I managed a project team," say "Led a inter-departmental team of 15 people to deliver a project where we successful that achieved xxxx result." But keep it brief or the recruiter may be less inclined to read

Tailor your achievements to the job: Consider the job advertisement of the role in mind and identify, carefully, the most likely skills and achievements that the employer is looking for. Ensure you highlight your relevant achievements that match the job requirements. For example, if the job requires experience in leading a team, focus on your achievements related to team leadership ie coaching, mentoring, developing and training.

By following our suggestions, you will be able to demonstrate your key working achievements in your CV. This will show the recruiter that you have a track record of success and can bring value to their organisation.