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For serious job hunters in New Zealand, using a professional CV writing service will go a long way in helping to obtain a job interview. An expertly written CV, tailored specifically for the role sought is the best possible way to be successful in your job search.

There is a fine art to preparing a CV that will impress New Zealand recruiters in 2023 (and beyond). While the general view of job seeker seems to be it is easy to prepare a CV, by just finding a random template on google, this is actually far from the truth.

The vast number of CV’s that get sent away for job applications simply do not meet even minimum expectations. Many perfectly good candidates do not even pass the first stage of recruitment because their CV simply did not impress the recruiter. This is so common and can easily be avoided.

Using a professional, New Zealand based, CV writer almost certainly ensures your job application will at least pass any initial inspection and will likely be near the top of any consideration because it will meet all the guidelines that the recruiter will be expecting. So, very easily you will go to the top of the pile therefore improving the chances for an interview.

CV writers know all the tricks to impress. They understand key words and triggers to catch the eye. They will be able to write the CV in such a way that your skills and achievements can be highlighted. This is what recruiters are looking for. They want the CV to jump out at them and scream that you are the most suitable person for the role. Remember you may be competing against 100 or more other applicants so if your CV does not stand out straight away you have no chance of progressing.

A CV writer in NZ will work with you to understand your background and why you may be suitable for the role(s) that you are wanting to apply for. They will prepare the CV accordingly. This is a skill that the typical job hunter trying to write their own CV at home does not have. And why should they?, it is not their job to keep up to date with exactly what is required.

Today, our own CV writing company got a very interesting email from a client we assisted with their CV and letter. The client mentioned he had applied for numerous roles with the new CV and virtually all recruiters commented that he had a very powerful CV. This is exactly what our CV writer had in mind when preparing the CV. It was to send a powerful message that he was the one for the job.

A good CV writer will get you results, the relatively low cost (at The CV Experts NZ our fees are just $89 for a completely new CV written to highlight all skills) is well worth the money when it greatly assists you to get an interview.

If you really want your CV to help you get ahead with your career, then we strongly recommend you consider a professional CV writing service (with CV writers based in NZ). At the CV Experts NZ we have CV writers standing by to prepare an outstanding, powerful, CV document for you.