CV Writing Service

Should I use a CV check (CV review) service to provide comment on my CV?

Many job hunters try to write their own CV in New Zealand, it is just something many people feel competent to although the reality is few people have any real knowledge of what is required right now, especially as CV expectations have changed so much over recent years.

People tend to think they can just follow some google template or advice and get the perfect CV but the problem is most of the advice you find is out of date or written for other markets (commonly US or UK).

Writing a CV is not an easy process as recruiters become more and more selective about what they expect to see. We strongly recommend you have your current CV reviewed through a CV check service (in New Zealand this is also commonly known as a CV review).

A CV check service, provided by experts in New Zealand recruitment is invaluable. Typically, such a service is free and the check is completed by a specialist CV writer who knows exactly what the required standards are for New Zealand employment agencies or HR recruiters working within the employers. They also know how to met any ATS software requirements.

In much the same way as you know how to do your job better than we do, we know how to prepare a CV better than you do and we can conduct a CV check service at no cost. We will provide specific, and relevant, feedback on how your CV meets the expectations for a NZ CV in the current employment market.

The requirements that local recruiters have in a CV are ever changing and even for a CV writing specialist it can be hard to keep up. A NZ CV writing expert will be keeping up with the latest CV developments in a way it is impossible for you to do.

A CV check / review that is specific to your CV (not just general comment on all CV’s) will ensure your CV can be kept to the best possible standard in a way that is very easy for you. We provide a CV check service where specific comment is provided on every section of your CV which includes your personal details, the statement/objective, skills, work history, achievements and qualifications.

For every section of your CV, we will provide industry best practice suggestions in a clear and concise manner. Feel free to use our CV feedback as you think is appropriate. Often the CV check/review service will detail some basic improvements that you would never have been aware if you have not checked. Also, there will often some major changes being suggested for you to consider.

It is important to understand that every CV should be prepared uniquely and a style that suits your partner or a friend may simply not work for you. The CV check service can review how you show your own background, job type sought, job level etc and make comment on each area with expert advice.

It is also quite standard that a CV check service will also offer to help you make any suggested changes. It is a good idea to accept such help as an expert will always make your CV so much better than you could ever do, with all due respect to you.

In a very competitive New Zealand job market, job applicants should take every opportunity offered to them to help get their CV to the required standard. Using a CV check / review service, offered by a CV writing specialist is an ideal, usually free, way to help you check what you have is appropriate. Follow the advice of a CV writer and you should expect to see the likelihood of job-hunting success rise hugely.